Your Wrist and You – Dealing with Chronic Pain in this Crucial Joint

Chronic pain is often thought of as something that affects the large joints, like your knees and shoulders. But any of your joints can be a source of chronic pain. That’s something Michael can attest to. 

While chronic in the wrist is often associated with manual labor, Michael is one of a growing number of people whose source of pain came from repetitive motion – in his case typing and working on the computer.

As a second gig to supplement his regular work, Michael built a thriving free-lance business as a writer and editor. But as his business grew, so did the stress on his wrists from daily typing. Michael tried wrist rests and ergonomic keyboards, which helped somewhat, but the pain kept coming back. 

Examining his options

Michael examined his options and found several avenues to explore in his quest to eliminate his chronic wrist pain. 

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) pain killers, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil). While these have provided some relief for Michael, he hesitated to take these medications on a continuing basis. 
  • Physical therapy is another option. Specific exercises to strengthen the wrist and ensure proper ergonomics when typing or doing other repetitive activities can provide relief in many cases.
  • Surgery is an avenue to explore when there is a specific underlying condition, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Treating the root problem

A path that Michael found productive was to treat the underlying issue – inflammation in his wrist caused by repetitive motion. While medications like Advil help reduce inflammation, Michael chose a different approach and began using UnFlame Herbal Supplement

UnFlame Herbal attacks the inflammation that’s at the heart of many types of joint pain. Its combination of a doctor-formulated blend of 100% natural premium herbs, and its lack of side effects, proved to be an effective treatment for Michael.

 A combination of wrist exercises, paying attention to proper ergonomics and daily doses of UnFlame Herbal Supplement worked wonders for Michael. He’s able to keep up with his growing side hustle without having to deal with chronic pain.  

Try UnFlame – if you suffer from chronic joint pain we’re confident you’ll see the difference it can make.