UnFlame Herbal Supplement

We're experts in naturally reducing the inflammatory process and the discomforts that result.

Unflame 60 count
Unflame 60 count Unflame 60 count Unflame 60 count

UnFlame Herbal is a natural premium blend of herbs. This anti-inflammatory supplement can block inflammation-based pain and immobility before they even start. UnFlame Herbal formulated by a physician, supports back, joints, muscles naturally. Researched and tested formula.

Physician-formulated, safe, and all natural

If you’re already experiencing discomfort due to inflammation, UnFlame Herbal can reduce or completely eliminate it. That’s because the physician-developed, clinically tested supplement targets the series of processes involved in the body’s inflammatory response to illnesses, injuries, and other medical issues.

You do not need a prescription to order UnFlame, and you don't need a referral from your doctor.

All you need is the desire to start moving freely again.

Pilot Study

Five Herbs Plus Thiamine Reduce Pain and Improve Functional Mobility in Patients With Pain: A Pilot Study

8 Facts About UnFlame That You Need to Know

UnFlame is safe. Unlike many prescription medicines, UnFlame Herbal has no harmful ingredients. You cannot become physically dependent on UnFlame.

UnFlame is all natural. UnFlame Herbal is a one of a kind, natural blend of herbs that targets a series of metabolic processes involved in pain while supporting the healthy function of joints, backs, and muscles. You won’t find any chemicals or sketchy ingredients in our product.

UnFlame was developed by a physician. Unlike many so-called “alternative remedies” that are created by non-medical professionals, UnFlame was created with the experience and expertise and third party testing necessary to bring you a premium product.

UnFlame addresses the cause. Many remedies fail to get to the root cause of inflammation; they only mask the pain. Over-the-counter remedies such as Advil and Tylenol, and other potentially harmful or addictive drugs, target single molecules and usually don’t yield lasting results. UnFlame addresses the chronic pain in your joints and muscles holistically, making it a more effective solution.

UnFlame's results are backed by science. UnFlame targets the underlying physiological processes causing inflammation and pain by tapping into the power of natural herbs. The herbal supplements in UnFlame have provided relief for many patients suffering from a variety of hip, knee, and sciatic pain. The mobility and function restored to their affected joints and muscles can be life changing.

UnFlame Customers are Customers for Life. UnFlame has been providing life changing pain relief to our loyal customers for over eight years. Our customers stand by our product, and we’re confident that you will too once you see what it can do for you.

Unflame is Affordable. UnFlame provides priceless relief and benefits to your   overall well-being. With our subscription bonuses and our free shipping, this product can change your life without breaking the bank.

UnFlame Herbal is a premium blend of natural herbs. This anti-inflammatory supplement can block inflammation-based pain and immobility before it even starts. UnFlame Herbal naturally supports back, joint, and muscle wellness.

The UnFlame Herbal formula was developed by a physician for himself! You will be glad he decided to share the formula once you try it ; ) 


"I have had a shoulder problem for years — impingement syndrome with secondary arthritis. My range of motion is 80% better and the pain is about 80% less.

– Carol Diamond MD, New York City, New York

UnFlame is AWESOME! My foot stopped hurting, and my ankle stopped hurting. The next day I felt a difference. The back of my heel was swollen since my surgery; It was unbelievable; My shoe fits!

– M.M., Herdon, VA, age 51

The UnFlame capsules began to work within the first day, and by the fourth day, my pain was eliminated. I am very grateful for the relief you have afforded me.

– SH, Bethesda, MD, age 34