Are Women More Prone to Osteoarthritis than Men?

While we’re all human beings, there are undeniable differences between the sexes. Beyond obvious differences in anatomy and more, these differences can also include our susceptibility to diseases, especially chronic conditions. 

Gillian is a prime example of this. A former athlete who has stayed active all of her life, she’s stayed in shape, avoided injuries to her joints, and kept her weight at a healthy level. Yet, as she has moved into her late 50s, the telltale signs of osteoarthritis are beginning, with stiffness, pain, and lack of flexibility in her joints. 

In her reading and in discussions with her doctor, she discovered that women are more susceptible to osteoarthritis than men. But why is this so?

Hormones play a role

One of the inevitable effects of aging in women – menopause – may play a role in the development of osteoarthritis in women. 

The hormone estrogen protects the cartilage in joints from inflammation. But as women reach menopause, estrogen levels drop, potentially making them more susceptible to inflammation in their joints. 

Joint stability

Even though Gillian has avoided injuries to her joints, biomechanical issues specific to women can play a role in the development of osteoarthritis.

Women display a greater degree of laxity in their joints. More simply, the bones in the joints are less stable than in men. Over time, this laxity can have the effect of producing injury-like conditions that lead to arthritis in the joints.  


The science behind the genetic components of osteoarthritis is still being researched. But it has been shown that there are specific genetic links between knee and hand osteoarthritis and being a woman.

Attack the inflammation from osteoarthritis at the root

Gillian is a fighter, so she isn’t slowing down because of osteoarthritis. But she is taking smart steps to live with the symptoms she has. She has incorporated flexibility and strengthening exercises into her routine, and she’s taking supplements to tackle the inflammation in her joints. 

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