Yoga and Chronic Joint Pain

The stretching, strength, and soothing benefits of yoga can be great benefits for those who suffer from chronic joint pain. Kim knows this. 

Kim has practiced yoga for many years and enjoys the many positive benefits it has brought to her life. But as she has aged, chronic joint pain from osteoarthritis has made it more difficult to perform some of the poses she has enjoyed. But with some adaptations, she has been able to continue her practice on a regular basis. Here are some of the ways she has found to adapt her practice.  

Modify her poses

Yoga can be a very flexible discipline. Students of the discipline are encouraged to modify poses to suit their ability and physical limitations. In Kim’s case, pain in her wrists can make many of the downward-facing positions difficult. When this is a problem, she will switch to an alternate pose, or modify the pose, by using her forearms to support her, rather than her wrists, for example. 

Limit time

There was a time when Kim enjoyed nothing more than a vigorous hour of yoga. But as time has gone on, she’s learned that a shorter practice can be just as rewarding, and not as hard on her body. 

Experiment with different types of yoga

There are many different styles of yoga. Some involve quick and athletic movements from pose to pose, while others are much more slow-paced. Kim has experimented with different styles and found that the slow pace and low-intensity poses of Yin yoga are an excellent way to enjoy a yoga class with less pain and stress. And she has found that the various types of “hot” yoga, done in heated rooms, are excellent for soothing sore joints. 

Treating the inflammation at the root of chronic joint pain

While yoga has many positive benefits for Kim, she knows that treating the inflammation at the root of her pain is another important step she can take to deal with her chronic joint pain. That’s why Syd uses UnFlame Herbal Supplement to treat inflammation in her joints.

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