"During and post-college my physical activity drastically dropped and I was sitting a lot for school and for work. With lack of exercise and sitting all the time, my left hip joint became stiff and started to rub uncomfortably and "clicked" when I brought my left knee up closer to my chest, during stretches, and pretty much anytime I moved my left leg more than walking.

"After taking 2 bottles of Unflame recommended by Dr. Hedaya, the first thing I noticed was the pain reduction. Towards the end of my 2nd bottle, my pain was 95% gone and the stiffness became less severe. Of course, Dr. Hedaya advised me to stretch and exercise in addition to taking Unflame which helped my hip joint stay loose and the muscle surrounding it to be strong enough to move my leg with less effort.

"I recommended this product to my uncle who hurt his shoulder during his 45 years in shipping heavy machinery. He can now raise his shoulder higher than he was ever able to since he injured and also felt immediate pain relief.

"I highly advise anyone seeking relief of joint/muscle inflammation to try this product."
— John K. Suh

"Absolutely amazing! I had a shoulder sprain and went through physical therapy which didn't work! I tried UnFlame as a recommendation from one of my trusted students and within 3 days I already felt the improvement. Shortly after the pain completely disappeared. It simply reduces inflammation and actually gives the injured area a chance to properly heal. I love it!"

"Being hesitant about taking ibuprofen on a daily basis and the physician suggesting knee replacement, this product was recommended to me by a friend whose physician recommended it. Taking one tablet twice daily has, for me, been very beneficial. Knee pain has diminished considerably. This product is well worth trying for joint pain."

"I am a 22 year old with chronic SI Joint/lower back pain. Recently, the pain has gotten so bad, I could not even walk without limping in excruciating pain. Over the past 4 years, I’ve been to countless physicians, taken many types of NSAIDs and supplements, gone through physical therapy many times, sat with ice/heat pads etc., tried all stretches and exercises that were humanly possible, but the pain kept coming back. I had to give up playing sports, attending events and sometimes even perform basic daily activities without dealing with crippling pain for weeks at a time. A family friend referred me to Unflame and within 3 days of taking it my pain diminished by 60 percent and was able to walk normally again. About a week later I was virtually pain free and was able to play sports without having to worry about the pain coming back. Honestly, Unflame worked like a miracle and is without a doubt helping me enjoy life again." – M.H., Brooklyn, NY

“I have used UnFlame for myself for two days. I have had a shoulder problem for years — impingement syndrome with secondary arthritis. My range of motion is 80% better and the pain is about 80% less. My assistant with chronic knee pain also has noticed a major response. I have tried everything for my shoulder and nothing worked. I highly doubt this is a placebo response." – Carol Diamond MD, New York City, New York

“I re-started the UnFlame and it worked! It cut the arthritis pain down to almost nothing.” - S.G., Bethesda, MD, age 67

“UnFlame is AWESOME! My foot stopped hurting, and my ankle stopped hurting. The next day I felt a difference. The back of my heal was swollen since my surgery; It was unbelievable; My shoe fits!” – M.M., Herdon, VA, age 51

“I have had neck pain for over a decade. When I first started taking UnFlame, I took 2 capsules daily and the pain vanished. These days, I take UnFlame instead of Ibuprofen or Tylenol when I am in pain, and the pain goes away.” – D.C., Washington DC, age 42

“I started using UnFlame about a month ago for chronic arthritis pain in my neck and right shoulder caused by 25 years of jogging and playing softball. After taking two UnFlame capsules morning and night for a week, I had no pain in my neck and more flexibility. In fact, now I don’t wake up at night from stinging pain when I roll onto my right shoulder. A chiropractor told me that she strongly believes in herbal supplements and that UnFlame should work better than the glucosamine and chondroitin I’d taken for 15 years. She was right!”– G.Z., San Rafael, CA, age 59

“I am very pleased to report that the pain in my neck and upper back, which you may recall has been related to my interminable work at my computer, and which you suggested might have an inflammatory component based on the blood markers you tested, is now completely gone, and as a direct consequence my sleep is significantly improved and my irritability (albeit limited) is gone. My wife reports that my disposition has returned to normal. The UnFlame capsules began to work within the first day, and by the fourth day, my pain was eliminated. I am very grateful for the relief you have afforded me. Would you kindly send four bottles of UnFlame to the Bethesda address you have on file as soon as possible, as I am nearly done with the bottle I purchased at our last visit, and I will be traveling out of the country shortly.”
– SH, Bethesda, MD, age 34

“I love UnFlame!! All the little pains I had went away! When I ran out of UnFlame, all the pains came back! Then when I re-started it again, they all went away! UnFlame is my supplement. As you know, I am very results oriented and most supplements do not seem to do much for me, so I do not like to take them. With UnFlame, it’s remarkable that I take this just like I take my thyroid medications, because I know it works and I can feel it.”– C.H., Washington, DC, age 48

“You asked me to let you know how the UnFlame works on my left knee, and it made a huge difference very quickly, so I have been able to start getting back to tennis for the first time since my surgery last April. After a week, I was able to get back to doing the physical therapy exercises we discussed and the pain I had during and after working the exercises has gone over 90 percent.

“I probably shouldn’t have done this without talking to you, but my mother has rheumatoid arthritis and I gave her the UnFlame to try. She can use her hands now without pain. She told me to thank you, and said you should have called it the miracle pill. I’ll call Jill tomorrow to order a few more bottles. Thanks so much for all your help.”– P.M. Boston, MA age 39

“…On the good news side: I shared one-fourth of my first bottle of UnFlame with a close friend who has had major problems with her knees. She experienced such immediate relief that I thought it a placebo effect. But her considerable relief is ongoing, and she is now buying it in bulk. Around the same time, I shared half my bottle with my 50-year-old sister, a nurse (who also had been limping around, major suffering with knee for past nine months). Didn’t hear back for a week; figured she was unlikely candidate for placebo. Then was shocked to receive a text saying the UnFlame was “FANTASTIC!” and that she had already ordered two more bottles (and she doesn’t have much money).I’m sincerely grateful to you for your recommendation of this herbal med. Those two women were moving toward increasing depression with all that pain and limitation of movement. A joy to be able to share something that has been so helpful to them.”
– P.H, San Francisco, CA, age 61

“I have been experiencing ongoing bi-lateral hip pain for years secondary to hip dysplasia as a child. Up to this point these symptoms were being managed with anti-inflammatory medication as well as a cortisone injection in one hip. While these methods proved to provide short-term relief, there were no real long-term benefits. I decided to try UnFlame as this is a more natural approach. Remarkable changes were noted within the first two weeks. I have less pain and greater range of motion and this supplement has proven to be the most effective treatment in managing my on-going condition.” – C.H., NH

“…The UnFlame is amazing – almost instant relief; mood much better.”– M.B., Longbranch NJ, age 47

“I need to re-order the UnFlame Product for Allen. Please send us three bottles of these capsules. Allen has been taking two capsules with each meal – and this seems to help a lot with the Lyme die-off inflammation symptoms.” – A.R. Memphis, TN, age 20
“…I’m serious, I felt better on Sunday morning after taking them on the Saturday night that we were out. I took two pills twice a day for five days, and now take one pill twice a day. I feel better than I have in over eight months. I actually did a few minutes of grappling last Saturday.
P.S. – I’ll be ordering some more bottles soon!!
P.P.S. – I’m giving a few days’ worth of pills to an attorney who I know who has several bulging disks. I hope that he gets the relief that I did.
P.P.P.S. – My endocrinologist suggested that I’m having a placebo effect; but I know my body, and I know it’s for real!” – V. Washington, DC
“I re-started the UnFlame and it worked! It cut the arthritis pain down to almost nothing.”– S.G., Bethesda, MD, age 67

“….Ah — the pills are helping! I injured my tendon and it helped, so let me know how it develops.” – C.M., New York
“…My mother gave UnFlame to a man who was taking care of another man, who is in a wheelchair and instead of giving it to the man in the wheelchair, his caretaker took it for himself! He was so happy that he called my mother and told her now he would get some more to give to his patient. My mother thinks he doesn’t want to give it to the person he’s taking care of, that if he starts walking the man will lose his job!” – K.T., Lancaster, PA

"….I took two UnFlame in the morning and one in the evening. The next day, I tried two in the morning and one in the evening. Really, I can tell you that I feel great. I’m getting better. I’m going to let other people know.” – T.S. Asbury Park, N.J., age 74