4 Tips for Dealing with Chronic Joint Pain

Bill can tell you that chronic joint pain is a life-changing experience. Bill looked forward to engaging in more of his favorite activities when he retired, including running and hiking. But to Bill’s disappointment, chronic joint pain began to impair his activities. In particular, osteoarthritis in the big toe joints and knees left him hobbled and on the sidelines whenever he tried to step up his activity level.

Bill isn’t one to give up quickly, however. By doing some research he realized there were three smart strategies he could employ to stay active and manage his pain. Here are Bill’s four tips:

Stay physically active

Bill’s running and hiking were causing joint pain, so it may seem counterintuitive to suggest more physical activity. But in Bill’s case, it was a matter of adopting different activities to complement the ones he already engaged in.

Bill cut back on his running miles and substituted regular swimming and bicycling – both excellent exercises that put much less strain on the joints. And Bill has begun doing weekly strength training classes. These have improved the musculature around his joints and increased his mobility.

Even if you’re not already active, adding regular low-impact exercise to your routine can make a big difference in how well you cope with joint pain.

Practice mind-body techniques

Bill also began adopting mind-body techniques, specifically meditation and yoga to his routine. He’s found that they are an excellent way to reduce stress, and they even help him sleep better at night.

There are many paths to meditation, including guided classes and smartphone apps. Likewise, you can find yoga classes and studios in many communities, or check out classes online. If you’re just beginning yoga, you may want to consider finding a beginner’s class with an experienced teacher. They can help you with proper form, and suggest alternate poses for painful positions.

Use anti-inflammatories

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) are a great help in reducing inflammation and dulling pain in the short term. Yet they shouldn’t be thought of as daily medication. In fact, taking NSAIDs too frequently can cause unwanted side effects.

A smarter strategy is using all-natural supplements that reduce inflammation without harmful side effects. And after some trial and error, Bill found the right supplement for him.

Try All-Natural UnFlame Herbal

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