What Causes Inflammatory Joint Pain?

We know that conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory diseases can cause chronic joint pain. But what exactly are the processes involved that cause the pain?

This was a question that concerned Syd. As a retired nurse, she wanted to know exactly what processes were occurring in her body as she began to experience chronic pain in her knees from osteoarthritis. Here are some of the processes she found out about through her research. 


This is an inflammation of the thin membrane that lines the joints – the synovium. When this membrane becomes inflamed, it releases chemicals that increase fluid in the joint and irritate the nerves.

Bone erosions 

Over time, the bones in your joints may become pitted or damaged in other ways. This can trigger an inflammatory response and significant pain.  

Swollen joint capsule

Our joints are enclosed in a capsule. When inflammatory chemicals are released, they can build up inside and cause swelling and tenderness.

Ligament damage

Our ligaments are flexible bands that support the joints. Over time, inflammation can weaken our ligaments and cause our joints to become weaker and unable to support us.  

Centralized pain

Over time, inflammation and inflammatory pain cause some to become more susceptible to pain of all types. 

Treat your inflammation

The processes that cause inflammation and inflammatory pain can become worse over time, each building upon the other until it is hard to find relief. That’s why treating inflammation on a continuing basis is a smart strategy to employ. 

After more examination, Syd began using  UnFlame Herbal Supplement to treat the inflammation in her knees. UnFlame Herbal attacks the inflammation that’s at the heart of many types of joint pain. Its combination of a doctor-formulated blend of 100% natural premium herbs, and its lack of side effects, has proven to be an effective treatment for Syd’s chronic joint pain.

Try UnFlame – if you suffer from chronic joint pain we’re confident you’ll see the difference it can make.