New York City

By Kat Osorio


When thinking of seasonal, local eating, one’s mind may not go directly to New York City. However, the Big Apple has something for everyone when it comes to eating locally, from farmers markets to farm to table restaurants. 

Despite the overall lack of open green space, New Yorkers have made the best of their situation. A number of urban farming programs have taken root on the rooftops of all five boroughs, providing fresh fruits and veggies to residents. In addition, many of these programs offer education about sustainable farming and educational stewardship to the city’s youth and get them involved in growing their own food. Check out my next blog post where I’ll dive deeper into urban farming!

After going straight to the farm itself, the best way to experience the best of local, seasonal food in any city is through the farmers markets. New York is no different with its plethora of markets spread out through the city, each one offering a unique selection of wares. Union Square Greenmarket is one of the most notable and extensive farmers markets in the city, but is by no means the only one worth visiting. Check out this guide for more suggestions:

Even if you can’t make it to the farmers market, you can still get nutritious local food delivered right to your door. Local Roots is a unique company that only sources food sustainably grown and produced within a 5 hour radius of NYC. Examples of foods you might receive in your box in the summer includes berries, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, and even eggs and meat if desired. They prioritize ease and customizability for the consumer, offering multiple subscription packages at a variety of price points. Another direct to consumer local food delivery company servicing New York City is Farm to People. This company allows the customer to choose what comes in their box, and then they tell their supplying farmers exactly what to harvest, prepare, and pack so there’s no food waste.

New York City is a mecca of great food. Aside from the classic New York style pizza, bagels, and cheesecake, there are numerous farm to table style restaurants in the city that offer the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals made from healthy, local ingredients. Some notable ones include Blue Hill in Greenwich Village, The Fat Radish in the Lower East Side, Lighthouse in Williamsburg, and Union Square Cafe, which sources their ingredients from the nearby Union Square Greenmarket. 

Eating locally doesn’t have to look like a “pick your own” farm, and New York City is proof of that. Whether local or tourist, you’ll love exploring the city through its food!




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Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash