Love to Garden? Tips for Gardening With Chronic Hand Pain

There’s nothing like engaging in a favorite activity to pass the time and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment. For Suzanne, gardening is her go-to activity. Now that she has more time for gardening, chronic pain in her hands caused by arthritis limits what her hands allow her to do. 

Dealing with the chronic pain of arthritis and other conditions is often best handled with several different strategies. Here are some of the ones that have worked for Suzanne.  

Reducing inflammation

At the heart of many chronic joint pain issues is inflammation. Whatever the cause of inflammation, there are some smart ways to reduce it.

  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen (Advil) can provide short-term relief. However, there can be issues with side effects if they’re taken on a long-term, continuous basis, so Suzanne keeps close tabs on how often she uses them. 
  • Herbal supplements have shown promise in many studies. However, it can be hard to find a herbal supplement treatment that is physician-formulated and tested in independent conditions.  

Wearing protective, compression gloves

Wearing protective gloves to protect your hands while gardening is always a good idea. Using gloves made from compression materials adds an extra level of support to sore joints and also helps keep joints warm and mobile while working. 

Use wrist and hand braces

Braces for the wrist and hand can help keep your hands in a relaxed, neutral position while you’re gardening, providing support that keeps the pressure off of aching joints. After some experimentation, Suzanne found braces that helped provide relief. 

Know your limits

Suzanne found that working smarter, not harder, paid off in decreased pain. By taking frequent breaks during her gardening sessions she avoided pain flare-ups that used to keep her out of the garden for extended periods. 

Adding them all together

These common-sense strategies have helped Suzanne to continue to enjoy her hobby. But one of the best solutions she found was the reliable relief she got from UnFlame Herbal Supplement

After trying several different supplements, Suzanne found the one that worked for her with UnFlame. UnFlame Herbal attacks the inflammation that’s at the heart of many types of joint pain. Its combination of a doctor-formulated blend of 100% natural premium herbs, and its lack of side effects, proved to be an effective means of relief for Suzanne. 

Wherever you experience chronic joint pain, remember that there are smart strategies you can employ that will let you keep doing the things you love. Try UnFlame – if you suffer from chronic joint pain we’re confident you’ll see the difference it can make.