Is Joint Pain Making it Hard to Keep Up with Your Pet?

If you own a pet you know what an important part of your life they can be. Pets can reduce stress, provide companionship, and help provide an outlet for physical activity. 

Robin knows the benefit of having a pet, in this case, her miniature poodle, Sparky. But at times she finds that the challenges of chronic joint pain can make hands-on care – walking, grooming, feeding, and other tasks – a challenge. As her chronic joint pain has become more of an issue, Robin has had to make some adaptations to continue to be an integral part of her dog Sparky’s life. Here are some of the ways that Robin has adapted.


Sparky’s coat requires regular grooming, a task that hand and wrist pain makes difficult at times. Robin has modified the handle of her dog brush by adding foam padding to make the brush easier to hold. And she has trained Sparky to hop up into a favorite chair when it’s time for grooming, so she doesn’t have to bend down to brush him. 


Bath time isn’t Sparky’s favorite time. And it’s difficult for Robin to do at home since it requires bending down over the tub. 

To make things easier, Robin takes Sparky to a local dog spa with a self-washing facility. They’re equipped with tubs that raise or lower with the push of a button, plus non-skid surfaces and easy-to-hold sprayers. It makes the task much easier than it would be at home, and it only costs a fraction of what a professional groomer would charge. 


Sparky and Robin both enjoy their daily walks. Although Sparky isn’t a large dog, his enthusiasm can cause him to pull when he’s excited (squirrel!). That can make it hard to hold the leash effectively and sometimes pulls her off balance because of her knee problems. 

Robin has found that using a short, 4-foot leash with a comfortable foam handle makes it easier to control Sparky. She avoids using retractable leads unless she’s in a confined area so that Sparky can’t get going too fast if he wants to chase something. 

Most importantly, Robin took obedience classes with Sparky to improve his leash manners. Now their walks are even more of a highlight of the day.   

Treating her chronic pain

Robin’s smart adaptations have ensured that she and Spark are continuing to have a great relationship. One other solution that Robin employs is treating the underlying issue behind her chronic joint pain – inflammation. 

Robin uses  UnFlame Herbal Supplement. UnFlame Herbal attacks the inflammation that’s at the heart of many types of joint pain. Its combination of a doctor-formulated blend of 100% natural premium herbs, and its lack of side effects, proved to be an effective treatment for Robin’s chronic joint pain.

Try UnFlame – if you suffer from chronic joint pain we’re confident you’ll see the difference it can make.