Do Joint Pain Creams Work?

While oral pain medications can play a role in helping alleviate chronic joint pain, some are reluctant to pop a pill every time they need some relief. That’s certainly the case with Brenda. She didn’t want to deal with the possible side effects that you can experience with over-the-counter (OTC) pain meds, and she wanted to steer clear of opioids for pain relief. 

After doing some research, Brenda found that four different substances are used as the base ingredient for topical pain creams. 


Capsaicin causes a warming sensation on the skin. No surprise there, since it’s the active component of chili peppers! It works by reducing pain transmitters in the nerve cells and is safe to use. Studies with capsaicin have found that it can be effective in reducing pain and inflammation in joints. Some commercially available examples include Capzasin and Zostrix. 


Salicylates are commonly used in over-the-counter pain medications, most commonly in aspirin. Topical creams that include salicylates can effectively reduce pain and don’t cause stomach irritation and other side effects that oral salicylates can cause. Aspercreme and Bengay are two examples of salicylate creams. 

Topical Anesthetics

The most commonly found topical anesthetic is lidocaine. Creams and sprays are available, as well as adhesive patches. 


These substances produce a sensation of cold or heat that temporarily overrides joint pain. Menthol and camphor are two examples. Creams like Icy Hot are examples of counterirritants. 

How well did these work for Brenda?

Brenda tried several different types of creams for her joint pain and found that they provided good short-term relief in most cases. But along the way, Brenda discovered a better way to address her chronic joint pain.   

Treating the root cause of chronic joint pain

The root cause of most joint pain is inflammation. While topical creams can distract and dull the pain caused by inflammation, Brenda found that reducing inflammation UnFlame Herbal Supplement offered more lasting relief. 

UnFlame Herbal attacks the inflammation that’s at the heart of joint pain. Its combination of doctor-formulated blends of 100% natural premium herbs, and its lack of side effects, has worked for many. 

While Brenda still uses joint pain creams on occasion, she’s found that taking UnFlame Herbal regularly has made a big difference for her. Try UnFlame – if you suffer from chronic joint pain we’re confident you’ll see the difference it can make.