Can Marijuana Help Ease Chronic Joint Pain?

A recent study from the University of Toronto found that nearly one in five chronic joint pain sufferers had tried marijuana to alleviate pain. While this study was conducted in Canada, where cannabis is legal, many US states have begun to allow medical and/or recreational use of pot. 

So, what were the results of the Canadian study, and should you consider using marijuana for chronic joint pain?

A case study

Before we dive into the results, let’s consider the case of Ben. Now in his mid-60s, Ben was no stranger to having a toke or two during his college years. But with growing responsibilities, he moved on. In his late 50s, Ben began to develop rheumatoid arthritis (RA). While he’s been able to stay active, he’s finding that he’s having to take more over-the-counter pain medications than he has in the past, and he wants to avoid any potential side effects from these drugs. 

Ben’s home state has recently legalized the medical use of marijuana, and he’s begun to wonder if maybe he can get some pain relief from using it. 

Does it work?

Back to our University of Toronto study. The results found that marijuana users were pleased with the results:

  • A large plurality – nine out of ten patients – said that cannabis was "effective" for pain management.
  • Four in ten users said that cannabis "decreased their reliance on other pain medications."
  • Nearly six in ten patients believed cannabis products were more effective in managing their pain than other drugs.
  • Interestingly, only one in four patients consulted with their physician before trying cannabis for pain relief.

The other side of the coin

While these results are certainly promising to pain sufferers, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account before running down to the local cannabis dispensary. 

  • Cannabis can interact with other drugs. In particular combining cannabis with antihistamines, muscle relaxants, or alcohol can have a powerful sedative effect. 
  • Cannabis can lower blood pressure.
  • Cannabis has psychoactive effects (after all, people smoke it to get “high.”) While that may be a nice side effect in some contexts, it shouldn’t be used if you need to concentrate on tasks like driving.

 Ben’s decision

Upon hearing the news from the study, Ben decided that he would give some limited cannabis use a try. But he was also determined to explore other ways of reducing the pain-causing inflammation caused by RA. From the advice of a friend, he found out about UnFlame Herbal Supplement.

Ben had been suspicious about many of the claims made by other supplements. But the combination of its doctor-formulated blend of 100% natural premium herbs, along with its lack of side effects and independent testing sold him. 

Don’t be afraid to give different treatments and therapies a try to help manage chronic joint pain. But be sure to incorporate UnFlame Herbal Supplement into your routine. We're confident you’ll agree with our many satisfied customers. UnFlame works!