4 Tips for Flying with Chronic Joint Pain

As travel restrictions have eased during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are now anxious to begin traveling again – whether for pleasure or business. But chronic joint pain can make getting where you want to go in comfort more challenging than it needs to be. 

Jimmy understands this problem very well. As his company's “go-to” problem solver, he often needs to fly to work with clients. And sometimes these flights can be pretty lengthy. But over time, Jimmy has developed strategies that help him accommodate his chronic joint pain during these travel marathons. Here are his 4 tips for flying with chronic joint pain.  

Get the best seat possible 

Nobody enjoys cramped airline seats. And they’re even worse if you’ve got to deal with chronic joint pain. Jimmy pays extra or uses his frequent flyer miles to score a better seat as often as possible. Even if he can’t get a business class seat, he’ll opt for an aisle seat in premium economy, so he can stretch out his legs and get out of his seat more easily. 

Walk and stretch as much as possible in the airport

Jimmy avoids the temptation to hang out in a restaurant or bar when he’s making a connection. A brisk walk helps keep his joints mobile and pain-free. 

Eat right when you’re on the road 

Processed foods can contribute to joint inflammation. Jimmy sticks to a light diet that is high in fruits, clean protein, and whole grains when he’s traveling. 

Practice meditation while flying 

Jimmy has an active meditation practice for managing joint pain and he taps into that expertise when traveling. With a handy meditation app on his smartphone and a pair of noise-canceling headphones in his carry-on, he can plug in and unwind at any time. 

Bonus tip: Take your supplements 

Jimmy understands that the underlying issue behind most joint pain is inflammation. Like many others, he’s found relief from the inflammation at the root of his joint pain by using UnFlame Herbal Supplement.

UnFlame Herbal’s combination of doctor-formulated blends of 100% natural premium herbs, and its lack of side effects, has worked for Jimmy. So UnFlame Herbal Supplements are always on his packing list when he travels. 

When it’s time to get on a plane, be sure you’re taking UnFlame Herbal regularly and follow Jimmy’s tips. We're confident that you’ll experience the same success that he does.